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Parmis information technology company producer of financial software and accounting software and also SMS in order to the development of sales and marketing for its products, invite individuals and law firms eligible to sell Cooperation and the agency.

You can have one of the following methods to Parmis cooperation.

This particular method is for individuals and law firms to marketing and sales in agency and the customer will pay.

After introducing the customer all sales processes, training and support will be the responsibility of Parmis.

Terms of functionality:

Send documents requested and account numbers

Having a relative familiarity with the products Parmis

Commitment to ethical and having a good reputation

Benefits of functionality:

Cooperation method is very convenient and simple for each member of a large family Parmis, accountants, students, small shops and marketers

Get a percentage of the purchase price for each customer introduced

Hold training courses for sales agents

Get the full version if you sell a certain amount of products Parmis

The ability to upgrade to the official representative in the event of continued cooperation and having the necessary conditions

The special representatives of legal entities is, where the introduction of the customer, according to the type of training and product support is represented by a representative.

Parmis official agency:

Send and receive documents requested representation

Getting reseller or service according to the terms and the ability to delegate

Adherence to the bylaws of Representatives Parmis and having a good reputation

Having sufficient personnel with sufficient knowledge and experience in sales, training and support Parmis products according to the type of representation

Having environmental conditions and place

Provide monthly reports sales, training and support to the representatives of the type represented Parmis

Reseller benefits:

Get a percentage of the amount of sales due to the type of representation

Technical and sales training agencies

Provide the most complete software version Parmis the representative for free

The official representative of data recorded on the company website Parmis

Personnel invited delegates to attend the official ceremonies Parmis

The ability to upgrade to be eligible for exclusive representative in

The agency can apply via the link below. Experts Center representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Applicants can obtain further information with the representatives of agencies and contact Parmis .

Call center numbers: +982187758

Direct center of Representatives: +982187759777

E-mail center representatives: rep {at}

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