Parmis Star  Loyalty Card ERP Software

Parmis Star Loyalty Card ERP Software

Parmis credit cards, e-cards that employers can encourage your customers to buy more, cards gold, silver, bronze and so on. If customers make purchases using credit cards issued in the card can enjoy discounts percent specified use. Discount cards can in the form of customers, employees and the persons to be placed on different occasions.

This card can be named or unnamed and with no relation to the account, issued and card holders will be assigned a special code which will prevent card misuse in case of loss. It should be noted that unlike paper ticket fee is Ben only can be used in a disposable, credit card holders can taste of it several times, each time to spend up to the card. The card is not issued to a certain ceiling and for any amount multiple times and are rechargeable.

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Non-cash assistance to customers or employees

Encourage customers to buy using credit cards

Breakdown of customers by issuing cards, gold, silver and bronze

Ability to contract with organizations, companies and shopping centers

Avoid additional charges printed disposable paper bin cards

Logo Design and specifications consider the possibility of credit cards

Providing customer satisfaction with the lack of restrictions on the location and type of purchase


The possibility of introducing unlimited

Ability to set a start date given for each bin separately

Ability to determine the validity end date for each bin separately

Ability to specify the discount percentage or amount for each bin

Possibility of issuing as a group

The possibility of introducing credit cards

The possibility of validation for credit cards

Ability to assign multiple bin to a card

Possibility of issuing credit cards with or without a name

Ability to assign people

Ability to assign people

The possibility of determining the amount for each bin separately

Ability to specify the percentage discount is applicable for each bin at each purchase

Send stayed bin cards to persons in any time purchase


Report of persons with left Ben are

Report from those past credit history

Report of persons who Ben is still valid.

Report active participles

Report active participles

Report of persons who have been issued for their children

Report of left by date

Report Card

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