Introducing Support Center

Support of each product that is considered one of the most important strengths. product Without support can not be trusted and is reliable for users.

Parmis information technology company with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of our customers for support services timely, effective and appropriate emphasis. The Support Center Parmis always been interested in macro management company.

Parmis Support Center utilizes the experts with experience in accounting and computer and using software and hardware infrastructure available, ready to provide support to great members of Parmis family.

Support Center Parmis measure of success is based on customer satisfaction, the survey was conducted, customer satisfaction levels significantly positive Parmis and the survey is carried out continuously.

In order to offer qualified and fast support services, Parmis tried to offer it's services in many shape for parmis family and always tried to make these services better.

We hope that by helping families we see every day Parmis of improving the quality of our support and satisfaction 100 percent.

Below are the main activities and services support center.

Phone Support

پشتیبانی نرم افزار حسابداری

the support center of parmis with the benefits of high professional telephone software and also professional experts, willing to give customers telephone support. these system which may reply the hundred of people per day cause customer's satisfaction and will fix the problem in short time.

Direct Number of Support Center: +9821 877 58 877

Remote Control Support

پشتیبانی از راه دور پارمیسAmong the fastest remote support services offered to customers to solve possible problems faster. If the customer has broadband Internet, the service without visiting experts at the customer site and the use of new communication technologies, are available. Experts are connecting to the user's computer to fix the problem.

Website Support

پشتیبانی از سایت پارمیس

Parmis as a leader in the financial software production companies in Iran attempted to provide support services through the website has Parmis.

Customers can just go to the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Parmis a variety of services under each of which has its own advantages, benefit:

• Submit Ticket
• Answers to questions
• Join the forums
• Download the required files

Dispatching experts to the customer premises

اعزام کارشناس حسسابداری پارمیس

this service will be available for those who can't solve theirs problem by their own, or they haven't access to remote control or they insist to receive support in person.

customers who want to receive a support expert in their place can call to support center and fix an appointment.

Hardware Support

پشتیبانی سخت افزار و شبکه پارمیس

if customer can't use software because of hardware or operation system issue and they willing to solve problems by parmis support team, hardware services will be available in support center and with experts and enough supplies.

Support Center Info

upport Center
Call center number: +982187758
Tllfn Support Center: +982187759877
Fax Support Center: +982187759501
Email Support: Support{at}

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