Parmis Star Sale Purchasing ERP Software

Parmis Star Sale Purchasing ERP Software

Purchase and sale of this act is one of the most important executive in an economic unit, whether these economic units A small business, or A large Polish production plant. Shop discern through purchasing goods and services and then sell them to earn profit and corporate to purchase the product manual production, processing and conversion and then sell them to earn undertaken.

Process management, purchasing, sales, orders and One of the most profitable and continuity of these operations related to the greater Is a business. Parmis Star software is designed in such a way that a different version and according to the need of facilities in different centers attached sweetheart The user that the user can cycle management operations in these units as well as the facade of iodine. Management processes prior orders and invoices, the various controls when issuing invoices, operations, we direct connection with accounting and warehouse facilities to that, in this picture of the system the idea is definitely the this software helping hand and particularly efficient tool for managers and employees to develop.

The merchant system, the more important this picture of the system in the Ian necessary to run the system's most presentable to the business combination. Perhaps many of its users only the data relevant to businesses enter in forms and the time are also found in reports about the need to be looked down upon and with none of the system are other not deal. (Although the system backend accounting operations in all of this is Pierre drag.) These place the system into a donkey reveal information about the goods and sold. Business managers and sales in the next contestant and the Institute of inventory control product, the expiration time of the product to the customer, control of customer account balances Ian, and Ian customer credit control and a variety of other components shall be related to the sales monitoring and this is the perfect tool for these monitoring the system in their use of the optional side affects.


Sales of relief Festival, Ashanti futuristic young ions and by applying the limits of goods, as well as customer introduced in different interval

Automatic calculation of Value Added Tax Chapter of purchase and sale and delivery of standard and value-added in accordance with the standards of financial reporting extremely large mandate

Statistics accurate status reports of the purchase and sale of goods

Contact the system from Meyer store of Internet

Associated with the use of the CRM system

The system associated with the use of the portal

Pierre relation to the system of smart policy Parma

Associated with the use of the informational system of ( SMS, telegram, Email)

Associated with the use of the credit card system

Ian customer the possibility to define a group of principle and code of the group in accordance with the principles of the code level

Closure orders and invoices automatically for converted to invoices or hand of the user

The possibility of defining centers of the tree

Ability to define copper beams in a tree structure with the specified path and assign a code to each client's code path (path playback, etc).

The possibility of increasing Or reduce the amount and percentage of just intended rounded up to the capacity and the lower

possible on the basis of invoices and payments in cash and documents when issuing invoices and communicate directly with the system we Cases

The advanced search capability of the warp factor is characterized by the ice, the amount, the name of the finder, called Donkey sustainable path and ....

Total market turnover gradually gotten reports, customer goods and ...

Pierre relation to the system of management and the No. and write email Phone for customers and managers

The possibility of the need to each invoice documents and Facilities

Possibility of issuing different types of sales invoices, purchase, return of purchase and sale, and orders and ...

The possibility of invoicing based on prior orders and invoices and orders management


Ability to define a variety of factors including cash and ... with the possibility of determining the number of days

Possibility of issuing money orders and automated receipt or a loss of the capacity for invoices with adjusted software

The ability to issue the accounting documents of the automatically or by the user can be adjusted in software quality

Road Map Towards a set of controls for control during recording and invoicing (negative current, minimum and maximum prices, and ...)

The possibility of joint and recorded for each client and of his thumb when invoicing

Storing samples of signatures, photos, account number and card number of each person

We could remind time for each invoice automatically

Ability grouping factor and assign to each factor Group

Choice of specific goods purchase and sale prices, and to determine intended for them

The possibility of determining the relief of the stairs relief amount for each row of the product

The possibility of determining the amount of additions for each product row

The possibility of determining the total additions and subtractions factor

Possible copy of invoice items and place items in each with the capacity rapid repetition factor

Ability to define various schemes for invoicing and invoice items to user-defined columns of the facade of his

Allowing the driver and the machine definition for each factor

For a total storage allocated for each invoice or invoice row

The advanced search is a factor based on the total invoice information such as invoice items, your name, tar ice, collected, and finding market ...

The possibility of product tracking, we additional deductions and the invoice items, allocation ice expiration date and dozens of the other

Specify how a (cash, credit and non ) when invoicing sales

Ability to define the intended prices, fixed for each product

The possibility of defining intended to reduce prices, the calculation of the percentage increase based on constant intended AH, F to sell the yen, the yen instantly to customer sales and prices of finished


The possibility of adjusted number of prints and print an invoice for invoices

You can print an invoice on a piece of A4, A5 and 8 hotter heat store and print invoices of

According to the futuristic circulation and the purchase and sale of goods to the separation of daily, weekly, monthly and specific time limits on a particular product or product group, individual or group of individuals with diverse reallocate restricted actions

Total earnings reports from the futuristic and different goods in the period of separation Ian customer invoices and reallocate limited by applying diverse

Reports of a possible output in Word, Excel, and ...

Report of the futuristic and the market gradually gotten in the period of the separation of goods, invoices and customer Ian limited by applying various reallocate

Show the futuristic invoice items in the bills customers for greater accountability bill Sea

Profit or loss of each factor separately merchandise items (visible when invoicing) and gain or loss on the basis of invoices and sales operations at any arbitrary point in time

Integration Fund to sell the store, posing customer value, connection devices and the management Barcode printing barcode labels and prices, product.


Parmis Star Sale Purchasing ERP Software

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