Parmis Star Sale Management ERP Software

Parmis Star Sale Management ERP Software

One of the most challenging processes in companies import and export trade is to properly manage orders, inventory control as well as control over the status of orders from order entry to delivery moment it is in stock. Also in the correct record expenses and sharing them with multiple currencies on a product or in other words, calculate the real cost of the products also are concerns.

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Register orders from the moment it is register to supply it in warehouse

Costing management of foreign orders

Calculate the real cost of products

Help make decisions about the manner of settlement and payments


Performa record (Performa Invoice)

The possibility of introducing such fees (customs fees, insurance, customs clearance, etc.)

The possibility of determining how cost sharing on products, for example (based on weight, price, number etc.)

Possible to calculate the cost of imported products

The possibility of continuous control of inventory to orders to purchase products at the point of order

The ability to coordinate with other departments to determine the order and set of leaves buying

Ability to manage orders liquidation of credit (LC), cash (TT), credit (OA) and combination

Register the bills of lading

The possibility of introducing customs

The possibility of introducing domestic routes and international stations and the movement of products

Ability to set a related attack unit

The possibility of invoicing currency, the currency of choice


Report customs fees, customs clearance, insurance

Report Performa final price of products

Report buy, sell foreign orders

Orders were reported on their way

Closed Orders

Report billing credit

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