Parmis Smart App (ERP Application)

Parmis Smart App (ERP Application)

Due to advances in technology and simplicity of use of Smartphone and also welcomed the willingness of users to run software on their mobile phones and tablets, Parmis IT designed Parmis Smart as a subsystem of Parmis Star in two separate versions for users and managers and produced such features can be used to record financial transactions, reporting, and controlling entities account for offline and online via mobile phones and tablet.

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The availability of 24 hours access to information

Access to important information from the tablet for managers and sales experts

Send and receive between integrated financial software

Invoicing and tablets for online and offline documents

Ability to print on A4 paper and cardboard

Reports on conventional printers print


Introduction of individuals, for example, customers, suppliers, etc

The introduction of products and services

Introduction of warehouse

Introduction of funds

Introduction to Accounts

Introducing Account

Introduction of total accounts

The introduction of specific accounts

A list of various prices

Introducing major and minor for customers

Introducing major and minor for Suppliers

The introduction of marketing

The introduction of product characteristics for unlimited

The possibility of introducing a template for Name

The ability to introduce photos for products

The introduction of bank accounts


Record sales invoices

Sign up to receive and pay payroll records

Allowing verification of documents through tablets

Parmis Smart integrated has connectivity with Parmis Star Software

Ability to manage the accounting an entity independent of the tablet


Report billing entities

Factors sales report

Report jacks Payments

Report inventory

Report illegible products

The report of documents etc

According persons list

According to the Product List

Report account balances of each persons

According to sales orders

Receivables Report

Payables Report

Profit and loss report

Balance Sheet Report

Trial balance report

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