Parmis Star Manufacturing ERP Software

Parmis Star Manufacturing ERP Software

Without a doubt, the most difficult and the most important aspects of the management of production is the operations management in all manufacturing organizations. In this regard, each software must have the ability to facilitate this important strategic decisions and strategic.

Due to the valuable experience gained in recent years from Parmis customers the more interesting differences between businesses is that sometimes holds the distinction dramatically different and more interesting than the differences that have occurred between business and there is active work in the field of industry informed. With the deployment of this expertise is expensive, Parmis IT engineering team succeeded in creating a system that not only the general requirements of users, but also the needs of their details, so it deserves to be held accountable.

Flexible formulation, production planning, relationship management and product life-cycle integrated with accounting systems and storage subsystems Featuring Parmis Star is produced.

One of the main problems of the production cost of manufactured products as well as reports of raw materials in the production process to separate workstations, as well as management of the process of production. Parmis Star production system using the following accounting software can easily control all of these cases. You also following with the help of accounting software system Parmis Star can start before the process of producing a product, according to the formulas that have introduced for each product, the price of the finished product and see if the economy starts the process. You can also do your creations made-to-order.


Planning materials

Production planning

Calculating the actual cost of an product

Increase in productivity in the manufacturing process

The impact of material loss in manufacturing formulas

Decreased levels of materials, time and labor in the production process

Remittances to issue a receipt for the production and use of automatic

Produce multiple products with different formulations produced during an operation

Increase the organization's ability to compete with competitors and maintain long-term competitiveness

Creating accounting documents automatically accounts of the production process inventory, materials in process and raw materials


Ability to define workstations and contracting

The definition of human factors in the workstation

The transfer of materials from the warehouse to the workstation to start production operations

The definition of direct and indirect hours of human impacts on station

The definition of materials and semi-finished cycle between production stations to make the production process

The introduction of equipment and tools

Ability to determine the useful life of equipment

Warning for equipment obsolescence, disabled

Ability to define different types of formula (manufacture, assembly, etc.)

Ability to set a default formula for each product

Tree structure to group formulas building

Ability to define formulas for the products features

Ability to define more than one formula for a product

You can print manufacturing formulas

Define default values (predictable) and unpredictable values in the formula for products with features

Defective materials defined in formula

The direct and indirect impact of the formula

The impact of monetary value factor in the cost of common products

The impact of the loss of material as standard (in the formula) and real (manufacturing operations)

Estimated production costs at the stage of formulation

Ability to define normal and abnormal lesions in production

Actions of wastes in the special account

Fixed and variable overhead

The definition of the equipment used in manufacturing operations

Grouping operations with tree

Order to buy raw materials production schedule

The cost of an item in process

The cost of a waste

Determine the percentage of completion defective products

The definition of waste per sales


Report of Production Station

Inventory reports of defective products

Inventory reports of waste

Report SD product compared to the standard formula

Reported reasons for product waste

Report a defective product causes

Report drug use

Report the sale of defective products


Parmis Star Manufacturing ERP Software Parmis Star Manufacturing ERP Software

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