Parmis Star E-Commerce ERP Software

Parmis Star E-Commerce ERP Software

Online-store and online sales of products shop, today has been in a very important position, with the development of web space and a culture of use and purchases over the internet, also due to successful models around the world such as Amazon's online store, launches online store can be very positive and has wonderful results in your business.

One of the current problems and difficulties organizations are having online-store, online store with software lack of integrity within the organization. Parmis due to the problems listed, provides a direct relationship with the other systems such as accounting, warehouse, commercial and ... and your online shop system is going to be as one of the integrated software systems. Obviously, in this case, any additional data recording is gone and there will be full integration of information throughout the organization.


The availability of 24 hours of day

Allows advanced searches

Easy to buy

Offer wonderful suggestions

Additional costs

Help the environment

Reducing time processes

Contact center and organization, institution or company

Simplicity in design home pages and interior and yet have a user-friendly appearance


Ability to communicate directly with new subsystems and developing accounting software such as Parmis Star CRM

The possibility of selling products online for user's site

Ability to send newsletters to users

Registered customers data recovery software with integrated accounting if you choose the online store

Ability to define unlimited products with different multi part features

Ability to create barcode automatically according to the characteristic value

Serial number assigned to the product (barcodes, serial)

Ability to grouping and classification of products

Ability to specify an infinite number of sale and purchase price for each product

Consider the possibility of setting the sales price on display type

Ability to assign specific client type or user specific price

Unable to upload images for each product

The possibility of holding a brief description via text

The possibility of checking the features that can be displayed on the site

The possibility of adding dynamic characteristics for each product

Unable to add product to cart and cart management

Products package, which may include the possibility of introducing a batch of products

The possibility of filtering the products, arrange and search by different categories

The possibility of sorting

View full information about the product in detail

A choice of a few products to compare

Compare the values with each additional item

Ability to define different festivals sale in the online store

Possible restrictions on product groups festival

Ability to limit a group of users or customers

The possibility of allocating a discount on the amount and percent

Ability to assign a gift for a number of purchases

Allows you to select the shipping method

Choice of payment methods online, timely delivery of products or bank receipt credit

Invoice settlement

Colleagues and representatives of the order


Reports Buy and Sell

Reporting recorded orders

The report cleared factors

Reports of sent orders

Reports of Representatives

Reports cart


Parmis Star E-Commerce ERP Software

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