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Looking at the technologies of today's world and exploring the interests of a large number of people in the community, one can clearly see the influence of mobile phones in all aspects of life, as the cellular phone has become the most accessible means possible in the present day, and This has led most people to seek ways and means to advance their affairs through mobile phones ...

In the meantime, a variety of mobile apps are available to mobile users for various applications, which these mobile apps help with day-to-day operations. For example, you can choose from a variety of accounting applications to the free Parmis Accounting software for the Android and iOS smartphone, which allows personal and family accounting and cost and revenue management for mobile users. To download this accounting application, refer to the Free Download Parmis Mobile Personalized Accounting Software Self-Help download page.

Free Download Parmis Mobile Personalized Accounting Software

In addition to a variety of mobile apps in various categories, such as entertainment, entertainment, sports, art, education, etc., each one makes it easier for users to do business daily; different types of Mobile Application Organizer. Today, there are many fans among business customers who are known as "mobile app".

What is a Mobile Organization App?

Show Digital Catalog of Products

Products Categorization

Buy and Order Products

Show Shopping Bag

Show Customer Records Records

Define New Customers

Various businesses have taken customers into the design and presentation of their enterprise-specific mobile apps in recent years, while taking into account the need for users to easily access the organization's information on the mobile phone and provide better services to their customers. And the speed of customer relationship with the organization as one of their business priorities.

An enterprise mobile application actually provides a two-way communication between your organization and your customers. Whether you are a member of any group, you can always have customers alongside your customers by offering a dedicated mobile app to your customers, and you'll have an application that will always make your organization, company or business available to customers at all times. The mobile organization's app also provides users and customers with the information or services you provide through mobile phones; it also allows you to manage your customer relationship electronically and, while you electronicize the customer relationship process in your organization, your customers can Interacting with your organization 24 hours a day, it's completely online and 7 days a week, and this particular application of your organization will actually be the interface between you and your customers.

Why does your business need mobile mobile client application?

If you are in business such as service, shop, corporate, educational, manufacturing, apparel, real estate, insurance, banks, exhibitions, finance, home appliances, publishing and printing, restaurants and coffee shops, consultancy, art, sports and more. .. you are in business, you need to interact with your customers in two ways, because more profitability requires you to provide customer service and then seek their satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, the existence of a tool or method that makes this communication more targeted and easier for your organization or business is not only necessary but also cost-effective.

The following are some of the reasons why you can economically justify mobile app design for your business companion:

  1. Keep up-to-date the app for your customers and keep up-to-date with your latest products and services
  2. Increase customer loyalty and confidence in your business
  3. Permanent customer access to your organization's information on their mobile phone
  4. Directly direct customers to communicate and contact you
  5. Quick notification to customers about special festivals, bids, and special products
  6. Learn about customer preferences and identify specific customers
  7. Use of new mobile tools and technologies to attract more customers, such as locating and ...
  8. Providing more money through the app and the broader mobile user community
  9. Knowledge of users and the recognition of your corporate brand among users of mobile apps and attract potential customers
  10. Take advantage of the opportunity for viral advertising by customers
  11. Save on additional costs such as ineffective advertising, the cost of publishing news in news agencies, printing catalogs of products and ...

What benefits will your customer have with the client app?

  1. Awareness of your latest news
  2. Awareness of your latest products
  3. Awareness of special discounts and bids at the fastest time
  4. Direct access of customers and users to your contact information
  5. Ability to update information by customers
  6. View purchase records and customer orders
  7. View the latest digital catalog of your products at any moment and in any place
  8. View specifications, prices, pictures and other features of your goods and services
  9. Register orders and requests from customers
  10. View the status of customer invoices
  11. View, compare your services and products and buy products instantly through mobile phones
  12. See all customer interactions with your organization from the past
  13. The possibility of introducing social networks and membership of customers in your organization and club
  14. View customer bills
  15. Send Tickets to Customers
  16. Maintain user information security
  17. Access to a layer of organization CRM from a customer perspective

What are the benefits of a proprietary enterprise application for your business?

  1. Create a direct semantic and intuitive relationship between your company's site and your corporate application
  2. Distribute and release the app quickly among your users and customers through various software markets or mobile apps.
  3. Use the latest mobile phone technology and gadgets to get the most out of the app
  4. Flexibility of the app to access a wide range of customers from every cortex
  5. Defining access rights for guest users and customers and maintaining information security
  6. Communicate with your organization online and 24-hour customer relationship
  7. Publish the latest news and information of the organization to the customers in the fastest time
  8. Set up customer survey systems and scoring to check customer retrieval in the shortest time
  9. Create a sense of loyalty to customers and users towards the organization by providing updated and up-to-date information on your behalf
  10. Offer bonuses, points and special offers to loyal customers
  11. Replacing the notification system through the app with other costly advertising and informative methods
  12. Having an app management portal to manage the features available in the software
  13. Communicate seamlessly between your CRM and your site
  14. Save time and reduce human resource and advertising tools such as email, SMS, banner advertising ... By informing with the app.
  15. Benefit from targeted in-app advertising for users and creating more revenue opportunities from loyal customers.

What is the process of working with a mobile app?

As a business that decides to provide mobile apps to your customers, by purchasing and ordering an application-specific version of an enterprise-specific app, you will receive a dedicated application from your organization, taking into account your business type, and Then you put this enterprise app as your preferred choice for your customers.

First of all, you need to focus on providing services and facilities tailored to your customers' requests to provide customers with the app through the app, and provide loyalty to their customers with this app.

Based on the different needs metrics in most businesses, the minimum service that customers expect from you is to access the digital catalog of your products or service list at the fastest time and from any location. Therefore, you can see the digital catalog of your products as part of the basic features of your enterprise application.

Other features including purchasing, billing, billing, etc. as a separate, sub-system, while still integrated in the integrated facility for managing your app. Therefore, you can provide a variety of facilities to your customers, depending on the need for assessment, these facilities can begin to display the basic information of your organization and the digital catalog of products and to expand into advanced facilities in an integrated environment.

What is the superiority of mobile apps for Parmis Mobile?

  1. Ability to upgrade your corporate portal to provide more customer service at any time
  2. Security, privacy and access rights for guest users and customers
  3. Integrating and integrating with Parmis Star's integrated software subsystems including CRM, Commerce, Online Store, Notification, Credit Card ...
  4. Graphic design of the app with your organizational identity
  5. Ability to manage the information visible in the app by you in the portal
  6. App design for both Android and iOS platforms

موبایل اپلیکیشن اختصاصی iOS سازمان موبایل اپلیکیشن اختصاصی اندروید سازمان

What are the different types of Mobile Application Mobile Applications?

  • Digital catalog version: This version is designed to help the organization's economy reduce the cost of printing digital catalogs and saving paper consumption. Usually, in a variety of businesses, spending too much on paper and print product catalogs during the year, with any updates and updates to these products and services, these companies incur multiple costs to re-print the catalog of products. They are themselves. The digital version of the companioned app helps you avoid these huge costs and always keep up-to-date product catalogs electronically as a digital catalog for customers to watch, and the concerns of discarded You will not be able to find the catalog because of the need for space, because the digital catalog of your product will be available to your customers through an in-app mobile app anywhere on the go. This release also allows you to inform and publish news and events of your organization for customers.

  • Supermarket version: A mobile version of the app's aims to provide customers with the ability to view your product catalogs, order products, buy goods and services, track orders, newsletters and bids, and special discounts. This version has the capability of communicating with the Parmis Star integrated ERP software subsystem, and through the communication of this subsystem with the application management portal, you can manage the products and information displayed in the app product store section.

  • Customer Relationship Release: In the client communication version, the company's mobile app allows you to post comments, questions and answers with your customers through the ability to book, review the records of customer interactions with the organization, publish news, events and important corporate events, and generally access There is a level of CRM from your organization from a customer perspective. In fact, this communication version integrates with CRM Customer Relationship Management software, which allows the user to access their reports and interactions with the organization. For more information on this, see the Parmis Star customer relationship management CRM software page.

How to customize our mobile application?

To order your organization's proprietary application, simply send us a brief description of your business and products, as well as the target market and your customers, along with your ideas, comments and facilities for designing an enterprise mobile app through the following form. Contact by Parmis experts for further coordination ...

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