Parmis Plus Shop Version Accounting Software

Parmes Information Technology intends to provide business owners with accounting software tailored to the needs of this guild in order to equip the classrooms that require hardware store equipment. Parmis Plus's accounting software has the ability to manage the finances of a small and medium-sized shop. In general, this software has the following features.
• Manage goods and warehouses
• Customer and account management
• Manage banks and funds
• Invoicing
• Receiving and paying
• Management of banking affairs
• Accounting and Finance Affairs
• Manage users
• System management

POS Equipment

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Individuals and accounts

Since the customer plays an important role in today's businesses and the proper management of clients and account partners can help in the survival of the collections, Parmis Accounting Software, in order to achieve this, has the following features in terms of individuals and parties Accounts are embedded in the software.


  1. Keeping personal information on individuals and clients, such as name, national code and economic code
  2. Ability to assign an account code to each customer with the ability to select a customer through the customer's code
  3. Possibility to keep contact information for individuals and clients including the province and the city, the address and postal code of the workplace or residence, as well as individual telephone numbers to unlimited number.
  4. The existence of a list of provinces and cities in Iran by default in the software to accelerate the work and integrity of the information
  5. Ability to record phone information to an unlimited number for each person. For example: mobile, fixed, work, home and ...
  6. Ability to set birth date and marriage history for each person to send gifts and special occasions
  7. Ability to group individuals indefinitely for ease of logging

Person reports

One of the most important operations that is done with accounting software is reporting in different parts; Parmis Plus provides users with the following reports in the entities and accounts department.

  1. The ability to submit a report from a list of persons registered in the software allows for the direct editing or deletion of individuals through reports.
  2. Possibility to present individuals' bills with a full throttle of functionality (the possibility of determining the historical interval, the possibility of printing a bill, the possibility of limiting the display of billing items, the possibility of displaying the remaining balance on the invoice)
  3. Possibility to open invoices and documents from within the bill for ease of user activity
  4. Provide a complete list of debtors and creditor accounts accounts with the ability to filter reports by date and grouping.
  5. Phonebook feature with the ability to search by name and phone number and print information on the envelope
  6. Ability to define individuals alone in the office phone without the need to define as a customer

Goods and warehouse

Goods and warehouses are one of the most important assets of guilds. Parmis Information Technology has provided users and managers with comprehensive features regarding the importance of goods and warehouses in different classes.


  1. Define goods in several levels and sectors such as name, model or sub-models
  2. Possibility to assign one or more barcodes to each item
  3. Ability to define and assign a photo to any item
  4. Register additional comments by the user and display this description added when invoicing or invoice printing
  5. Ability to group and categorize goods with the ability to assign goods in several groups
  6. Possibility to allocate purchase and sale prices for each item with discount percentage
  7. Possibility to determine the minimum and maximum purchase and sale prices for each commodity and to prevent the issue of invoices at unauthorized prices
  8. Possibility to assign a minimum and maximum order point for each item
  9. Ability to calculate the commodity price of Rials by FIFO, LIFO, Last Purchase and Average Method for Calculating Goods Profit in Invoice

Reports of goods and warehouse

The reports that Parmis Plus's accounting software provides to business owners in the warehouse and warehouse sector are as follows:

  1. Ability to report from the list of registered goods with the ability to add goods, change and remove goods
  2. Possibility to extract Excel output from the list of goods
  3. Ability to import item files and product list separately, prepared according to the software database structure
  4. Ability to report inventory of inventory items based on multiple filters, such as inventory and commodity groups
  5. Preparing the report of the goods reached to the order point to avoid encountering the fraction of the warehouse
  6. Cartesian Report Number and Rials of Each Goods in Various Depots Based on Stock Filters, Goods and Date
  7. Possibility of receiving a report of fine-tuning and circulation of a product based on various filters
  8. A report on the accumulation of goods in a historical interval and based on the grouping of goods, warehouses, type of invoice, customer groups and ...
  9. Separation report of goods inventory based on inventory status of the first commodity of the period and inputs and outputs during the period with the current or end of the period


Factor export operations are constantly being repeated in the accounting and sales process of a business, and this is one of the most important and most sensitive operations in the accounting program. The invoices have different types, including sales, purchase, return from purchase, return from sale, return to stock, etc., if required, if any of these conditions were created, an invoice for recording these operations in the accounting system of registration Gets

As you know, how to record purchase invoices and major sales factors, which are mostly hand-made, have a structural difference with retail sales factors that are based on barcode sales or touch-screen monitors. Parmis software, considering the issue of two separate invoice forms for each of the above modes, is available. The following are the requirements for each type of invoice.


Issuing major sales invoices

This type of invoice is used to record major purchasing or sales factors. Therefore, users need to register the invoices in more detail and manually, which are referred to below:

  1. Possibility to issue various invoices for buying, selling, returning from sale and returning from shopping ...
  2. Possibility to issue pre-invoice purchase and sale
  3. Ability to select and search the name of the customers based on various information such as name, telephone and ...
  4. Automatic serial and invoice numbers
  5. Ability to choose goods with the number of goods manually
  6. Ability to deduct percent discount for each row
  7. Ability to record descriptions for each invoice row
  8. Ability to calculate and see the benefit of the invoices
  9. Possibility to deduct percent discount for a particular customer group and apply to the invoice
  10. Ability to record a general description of the invoice
  11. Ability to group factors
  12. Possibility to calculate the historical vertebrate and pay a few invoices
  13. Possibility to produce a value added file and seasonal reports required for TTMS Tax Affairs

Export Factor Retail

This type of invoice is used to record sales factors on POS devices, and Parmis Accounting software has the following features:

  1. Due to installation on touchscreens, it is possible to issue invoice without the need for a keyboard and mouse and full touch activity.
  2. Take advantage of the virtual keyboard in all areas
  3. Quickly search for customer with mobile number and customer code
  4. In the case of unavailability of the customer code, customer selection based on other information such as name and address
  5. A quick introduction of the person when invoicing is issued so that the user can register the person immediately with name, surname, mobile number and customer ID.
  6. Ability to quickly add items to the invoice by user barcode reader
  7. Ability to manually change the number of goods entered by barcode reader
  8. Possibility to enter the barcode and add the product manually in case of possible problems with reading the barcode by barcode reader.
  9. It is possible to read weight barcodes produced by scales
  10. Possibility to select and add goods by the user by touch. In this case, the user must be able to categorize his goods for faster searching, for example: a bunch of drinks, salads and ...
  11. The aggregation of similar goods added to the invoice
  12. Possibility to automatically collect duplicate goods by software
  13. Possibility to change or delete product rows by touch
  14. Automatic calculation of value added for authorized goods according to specified percentages
  15. Possibility of settling the invoice in cash when registering an invoice by choosing a cash settlement option
  16. Possibility to calculate the invoice by a card reader with the ability to pull multiple cards to clear one invoice
  17. Ability to assign authorized funds to each user and select the default for each user
  18. Select the authorized warehouse for each user and select a warehouse as the default warehouse
  19. Possibility to introduce different bank accounts and contact with various bank accounts
  20. Possibility to connect directly to Parsian bank devices with the ability to send money on the device and receive complete transaction information
  21. Apply a percentage discount for each item in the invoice
  22. Possibility to record additions and total deductions for each invoice by the user
  23. Ability to view a summary invoice with the proper design in the second monitor for instant view of customer invoice items
  24. Set photo for second monitor by user for product promotion
  25. Possibility to allocate 10 queues for issuable factors due to the synchronization of several customers at the front of the fund and observing the precedence in the registration of the invoices.
  26. Reviewing or modifying previous factors without having to exit the invoice and seeing the list of invoices issued from within the sales factor
  27. Possibility to print the invoice in 8 cm, A4 and A5 thermal cutouts depending on the operator's needs and settings
  28. Applying print settings includes the number of prints and the selection of different printers for an invoice
  29. Possibility to set sentences for printing at the bottom of the manually or automatically from the sentences bank
  30. Possibility to print box bills for stores that have a separate box for payment, with the ability to scan the cache and verify the amount and settlement, record and print the invoice by the sales agent
  31. Possibility to print logo and seller information in invoices
  32. Possibility to manage non-settled invoices for operators

Issue invoice reports

Also, the reports in the section on the factors to be provided are as follows:

  1. The possibility to search for invoices based on any information from the invoice such as: serial, date, customer name, invoice description ...
  2. Possibility to provide value added file and seasonal report in software
  3. Possibility to report sales on a commodity basis
  4. Possibility of a general report on sales of goods in a specific historical period for management decisions, based on the group of goods or customers and ...
  5. Possibility to report the profit of the invoices as well as the profit of the goods in the software
  6. Management report for managers that includes goods with margin of profit, and identifying the best goods in terms of sales and profits by management.
  7. Management report of customers based on the highest purchases and the most profits for the user

Cash and Bank

Regarding the financial and banking activities of various guilds, Parmis software can fully support cash and cash and bank, cash and bank payments. The features of this section are presented below:


  1. Introducing User Inbox
  2. The user can register the complete information of banks and bank accounts unrestrictedly in the software.
  3. Possibility to register a combination receipt including a review, multiple checks, multiple poses, multiple cards to cards, and several bank transfers simultaneously.
  4. The possibility of introducing a check list and managing white paper checks in software
  5. Combined payment options include cash, multiple checks of receivables, checks from the checkbook and bank transfer in combination with the software.
  6. Record received or paid discounts on receipt and payment boxes
  7. Possibility to register bank transfers (in cash) in the software for each bank with the ability to print the transfer file in a bank accepted format
  8. Possibility to collect the issued documents (in the course of collection) along with the registration of the collection and insertion fees at the corresponding costs in the software
  9. The possibility of registering checks from each step (in the case of the fund, during the collection process), and the order in the check provider's account
  10. Create required financial documents automatically

Cash and bank reports

The reports you receive from this section include:

  1. Possibility to report checks from the fund and transferred to the bank with various filters by date, bank name, serial number and ...
  2. The ability to get a check history from the time of logging in by entering a check-in script quickly by the user
  3. Reporting of payable documents (checks issued from the user's checkbook) with various filters, such as date, bank name, check status and customer name.
  4. Notice of near-term checks at the same time as entering the software according to system settings
  5. Ability to compute vertices of checks automatically and manually
  6. Possibility to receive reports from bank accounts and funds with billing filters on the basis of historical intervals and the possibility to search bills on the basis of amount and description and serial


Because users are people who work directly with the software, Parma's e-commerce accounting software provides the system administrators with the following facilities for ease of use.


  1. Due to the importance of accessing financial information, software is only possible with username and password
  2. The system administrator can introduce and record various users in accounting software.
  3. Adjust the right to access various software menus or user access restrictions by the administrator
  4. Ability to change user password by user
  5. Provide a variety of reports of each user's activities and track all user activities from the moment they log in to the logout system
  6. Control users login with wrong password and keep unauthorized log history
  7. The ability to allocate access privileges to view invoices by each user so that each user can view only his own invoices


Parmis Plus's accounting software is designed to meet the needs of a well-stocked accounting software that is equipped with store hardware, making accounting and financial accounting simpler for these businesses, so that users and managers are not involved in the complexity of financial issues and The other side, due to the diversity of users, has taken into account the principles of accounting at all stages of registration, maintenance and presentation of reports. Parmis Plus Accounting Software, while adhering to all these principles, at the same time provides the user with the features that are available as follows.


  1. Ability to manage accounts for users at levels, groups of accounts, detailed accounts with names and codes
  2. Introducing the costs by the system administrator can introduce and record various users in accounting software.
  3. Invoicing by user
  4. Possibility to introduce shareholder and withdrawal accounts for ease of use
  5. Transaction Transfer Form from Account to Other Account (Inbox)
  6. Possibility of defining financial periods in software and moving between different financial years
  7. Possibility to issue an accounting document with the following capabilities:
    o Assignment of document number automatically and manually
    o Ability to select accounts by entering a portion of the coding or part of the account name
    o Load default definitions for accounts
    o Controlling document alignment with the possibility of temporary recording of imbalance documents
    o The ability to print documents

Accounting Reports

The reports in the accounting section of the software are as follows:

  1. Profit and Loss Report
  2. Report balance of accounts
  3. Balance sheet report
  4. Reports of total offices, detailed and detailed
  5. Report of the newspaper office
  6. Detailed and Detailed Level Report


In order to honor the trust of our customers, Paramés considers the importance of information for Parmis Plus software customers. Therefore, it has taken good measures to protect the information security of users, including:


  1. Automatic back up by the system on user-defined paths
  2. Provide backup file manually by user
  3. Ability to retrieve previous user backup files as needed
  4. Store user data in the cache in case of power outage and rerouting after reprogramming the program

Account Type

In many businesses, activities are conducted in such a way that accounting management operations are carried out in a single-user or network-based manner. With Parmes Plus accounting, it allows the use of the program as a single user and network to business executives.

Balance Module

Due to the fact that the balance is an integral part of some classes, the Parmis Plus accounting software provides users with the following features:


  1. Possibility to read the bar code of weight of goods when issuing an invoice
  2. Possibility to connect to the balance and send the commodity information including the code, name and price on the scale
  3. It is possible to read the invoice collectively on a scale and issue an auto invoice based on the information recorded on the scale.

Obviously this is possible in the presence of a suitable software interface with the balance.

SMS Module

Informing customers about special discounts, events, new news and ... is common in many businesses. Parmis Plus accounting software has the ability to add SMS modules based on customer demand, given this important business need. The Parmis SMS module is designed to help business owners to simplify the process of customer relationship management and allow administrators to send SMS messages to their customers through their accounting software and its communication with the Parmes SMS module. This module has the following features.


  1. Possibility to send individual and group SMS to customers
  2. Send greetings to customers when defining a customer
  3. SMS and birthdays automatically for customers
  4. Send texting invoice information to customer and managers
  5. Send texting receipt information and payment to customer and manager
  6. Send balance of accounts individually and collectively to customers
  7. Notify SMS managers from the date of check-outs
  8. Notifying administrators of users logging in with SMS
  9. Ability to report with various filters on SMS

Call Module

Because many of the classrooms receive their purchase orders by telephone from subscribers, Parma Plus Plus software makes it possible for customers to add the call module (connection to the phone display) to accounting software. Parmis Contact module has the following features:


  1. Identify incoming calls and display customer names
  2. Possibility to issue invoice from incoming call
  3. Ability to display invoice from incoming call
  4. Ability to manage lines and monitor free lines and occupation
  5. Ability to allocate permissions per lines per user
  6. Ability to report incoming and outgoing calls with different filters


Parmis Information Technology, with respect to the rights of respectable consumers, is constantly striving to offer its services to the most respected and competent users. The Parmes Support Unit will, in general, follow up with the customers after the purchase process, so that if you need help with our support team, contact our support team and get answers to your questions.

It is worth noting that respectable buyers will be entitled to one-year free software support immediately after purchasing Parma Plus software. Some services provided by Parmis are as follows:


  1. Continuous software support
  2. Possibility to install and teach software at the customer's premises
  3. Teach users and business managers

Requirements of different guilds

Parmis Information Technology has developed a Parmis Plus accounting software based on the accounting and financial accounting needs of different classes by analyzing various businesses. The facilities at Parmis Plus are responsive to the needs of multiple businesses and have been able to satisfy the vast majority of businesses using this accounting software. Some of the classes that use Parmess Plus accounting software are in the following categories:

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Sweets and Nuts
  3. Clothing and apparel
  4. Antique dealers
  5. Lighting Supplies Dealers
  6. Bags and shoes sellers
  7. Florists
  8. Coffee shops and beer wholesalers
  9. Fruit and Vegetarian Sellers
  10. Meat and Protein Classes
  11. Cosmetic sellers
  12. Ornaments and rhinestones
  13. Cereals and cereals
  14. Household appliances retailers
  15. Office supplies sellers


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