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1- Caller ID devices are hardware that, when connected to a computer, are capable of identifying the phone number of the caller.

2- Today, the identification of the caller's information is always considered as the topic of the day of the world of commerce, and the necessity of this, in order to improve the quality of service to customers, is regarded as effective and worthy of consideration by the business centers. Using these devices in our products has caused To control and manage their phone lines using software utilities. And on the other hand, in addition to speeding up customer service, it allows managers to accurately retrieve their contact information from their customers by providing accurate contact information from their customers.

3- As you know, one of the needs of today's top executives is the availability of information about the status of their customer contacts and control of employee calls, as well as time management is one of the concerns of managers and employees and always after the call is 1 to 2 minutes to take data such as The name or address, and the caller. Therefore, Parmis Information Technology Company, at the request of its clients and in their satisfaction, has designed the Contact Management Module for both managers and employees to control contact information and customer information when calling. Online face-to-face and in a minimum amount of responsive customer-oriented needs Of their own.

4- You can get the following features by purchasing the Parmis Contact Manager and the device that connects to the camera:

Parmis Contact Management Module:

Show line status

Display the number taken by the input and output by the lines

Display the duration of the call

Show the number of rings

Show the last call from the caller

View customer contact history

Possibility to use the Caller-ID device as Server / client

Supports 24 active synchronous lines on a system

Ability to assign multiple servers simultaneously on the network

Ability to get HTML reports and print them

The ability to filter reports by name and call the device number and line number as well as the status of the call

Reporting based on historical and time intervals

By making an incoming call if the caller is defined as a customer in the system:

Possibility to issue invoice

Billing display

View caller's phone information

A report of the customer contact history online

Camera ID Features:

- How to connect to a computer with a USB port (USB) without the need for a separate power supply.

- Full compatibility with international standard systems (FSK, DTM) simultaneously.

- LEDs are indicators for informing the user of the device's communication with the computer and connecting the telephone lines, even when interrupted and connected and ringed.

- Display accurate IP-dialer without losing information for each line, even when the calls are 100% concurrent.

- Install without OCX application and Plug & amp; Play with 32-bit and 32-bit drivers (64-bit) and 64-bit drivers (64-bit) for all windows, and even install through Windows Automatic Updates (Automatic Windows Update).

- Can connect to the Parmis Accounting Software Contact Manager module







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