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Parmis Free Accounting Software Student V ersion Is An Esay To Use And Inexpensive Accounting Software For Accounting Learning.

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1. Parmis Information Technology Co. has been designing and producing a Parmis Accounting Software School for publishing science, community service, employment creation and entrepreneurship development. One of the concerns of today's society is the fact that educated people who are knowledgeably knowledgeable in theory and theory, but who are not familiar with the tools and the labor market, are not able to absorb quickly into the workplace.

2. These days, after knowledge, the right tool is one of the most important success factors for professionals in every profession. Certainly one of the main tools needed by accountants is the proper accounting software to suit their needs. One of the concerns of accounting enthusiasts is the complete inability to purchase the software for a complete accounting software. Therefore, Parmis began to design and produce a school version for religious purposes and serving bookkeepers and creating opportunities to use the full range of Parmis Accounting software. In the Parmis Accounting School, all software features are fully available to students so that they can handle all the relevant operations and gain knowledge of the experience and practice.

3. In this version of Parmis software, the user can complete a complete accounting cycle from entering data to closing accounts. Parmis has created restrictions on the introduction of information due to the commercial use of this version, which has been placed in such a way that it has no disadvantages for student learning. Certainly due to the growing growth and expansion of Parmis Accounting Software in the Iranian economic community, every day, there is a need for more specialized experts in accounting software and Parmis software. Learning this software can be an effective factor in recruiting and recruiting individuals. It is also interested.

4. All Academies - Universities and Institutions can apply for the Parmis Schools at their workshops without any limitation. This unique possibility of Parmis does not cost any money to the users and students, and the wish of Parmis is that with this action it can be a step towards the growth and prosperity of our beloved country in Iran.

What is the Student Version and what facilities does it have?

The tutorial version is in fact the most complete and high level of Parmis software, which does not have any time limit and number of documents, and students and colleges can do all the projects and ... by Parmis (It should be noted that this version is to the number of people And the variety of goods is limited and there is no commercial use of this version)

What is the reason for this version of parmis?

Considering the number of Parmis users and the vast workforce market of accountants who are familiar with Parmis, many students are keen on learning Parmis, and there are colleges that teach Parmis as labor-intensive software applications.


Buy And Sell

Issue invoice purchase

Export invoice sale

Return of sales

Back from the purchase

Entry into the warehouse and departure to the warehouse

Issue pre-invoice purchase

Issue pre-sales invoice

Transfer Factor between Warehouses

Advanced Search Invoices, Inbox, and Remittances

Issuing an invoice from several departments by commodity

Ability to determine the automatic document number in each form of invoice, fund invoice, remittance ...

Record Balance Factors

Record carrier information in the invoice

Possibility to cash out and marketer in the invoice

Apply a percentage discount for each item in the invoice

Factor Grouping based on settled, not settled and ....

Settlement history for invoices

Setting Up Alert Date Settlement Factors

Copy and paste items of an invoice in another invoice

Possibility to select the cargo code for each item of the invoice

Show the automatic document number in the Invoice and Inbox

Goods and stock

Report of all commodity information

Report of the goods turnover

Commodity turnover report

Cardex of goods

Calculate Rials for warehouse items by 5 methods: FIFO, LIFO, Average and ....

Introducing the main unit and the sub product for each item

Assign unlimited group to any item

Separation report of goods inventory

Determine the minimum and maximum purchase and sale prices for each item

Possibility to record the ordering point for each item

Introducing the new product using other commodity models

Ability to view the profit of each invoice and profit management

Introduce the code and create the flow of goods by calculating the profit based on the cargo code

Unlimited listing of price lists for each item and discount discount list


Unlimited user introduction

Control the function of users specially

Assigning user access levels

Apply restrictions on viewing or change


Introducing individuals and assigning unlimited groups to any person

Getting the bills of each person

Gain balances from groups of individuals

Allocate credit for each person

Exclude persons

Allocation of percent discount for each person by product

Introducing the game and assigning the formula for each marketer

The management report of the prospects includes the highest customer in terms of purchasing and ...

Bank and Check

Bank account registration

Introducing the Personal Checkbook

Calculation of check checks is done automatically and manually

The introduction of unlimited funds and banks

Snap transfer checks to the bank

The receipt of checks at the bank

Reports of receivables and payables

Registration, return and return check

Printing and parchment check

Record order check in multiple accounts

Daily alerts on receivables, payments and receivables

Automatic collection of documents to be paid and in progress

Reception receipt and payment separately from the reader, bank transfer and card to card

Possibility to connect to PC POSs of the Pasargad Bank

Production of goods

Possibility to register manufacturing formula for combined goods

Possibility to report formulas of construction

Record production operations

Provide a variety of reports of registered production

Ability to record waste in formulas

Possibility of forecasting the required items of one or more goods based on the number of production required and inventory of goods

Provide a deficit report for the required items

Possibility to forecast multi-product orders in a group

Report produced

Possibility to copy item formulas for making a product for another item

Possibility to change the construction formula items during production

Report of the balances of the goods of each contractor or manufacturing department

Fees can be recorded on the basis of the main unit or on the basis of the amount of modification entered

Use the formula for making a product in other similar goods

Calculation of the cost of goods produced during production registration

Change the manufacturing formula when manufacturing records and the ability to modify the manufacturing formula for a production series

Report of commodity production orders

Producing and helping

Possibility to pay and deliver the goods to the contractors

Ability to receive and pay for goods on the basis of the main and secondary

Report of the remainder of the goods of each contractor

Registering relevant account holders, such as production costs when receiving and paying for goods

Flow report and residual goods

Possibility to receive goods from others and pay for borrowed goods with a charge

Controlling and calculating the price of goods upon receipt of contractors

Ability to modify received items (from the production / loan department) based on the amount of input

Registration of receipts and payment of goods to contractors

Registration of receipts and payment of goods to contractors

Presentation of Contractors' Bills with Ribas Factors

Report our goods to others

Report others' products to us

Registration of cost documents when receiving and paying for goods


Issuing a manual document

Control reports from all documents

Report from newspaper offices, total, detailed and detailed

Leveling the entire and certain offices

Financial statements include profit and loss statement, cost and balance sheet

Newspaper registration

Define and modify the account group, the entire account, and the specified account

Possibility to report based on the status of normal, approved, deterministic and registry documents from:

  • Newspaper
  • Total
  • Certain
  • Total office level
  • Alignment
  • Detailed alignment
  • Customer bill
  • Details
  • Total balance of accounts
  • Cost
  • cost and benefit

Introducing the detailed group

اSpecific connection with floating detail

Assign serials to newspaper articles

Ability to record all day activities in an automatic number

Added a document review form that allows you to view, display, modify, and delete evidence-based documents based on automatic documents provided to accountants.

Ability to change and display the newspaper and print it by serial number and date

Changing the status of documents to normal, verified, final and office documents

Possibility to keep financial information of three companies individually

Possibility of displaying a consolidated newspaper at a general, detailed and detailed level

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