Parmis Plus Accounting SoftwareThe most applicable accounting software in accordance with tax laws

Specialty guilds, stores, manufacturing companies, commercial and ... small and medium size

Some of software features:

Designing a variety of bank chequ
Printing and parchment chequ
Issuance of payable and receivable chequ and receipts with the possibility of settlement in the form of card reader, cash and ...
Bank and Fund
Send SMS to customers through the software
SMS Module
Manage customer contacts through the application
Call Module
Unlimited introduction of companies and individuals with the possibility of calculating the percentage of people's discounts
Individuals and corporations
Possibility to issue a variety of invoice with the ability to display the customer's monitor

Possibility to record 2 fields of percent discount on the invoice and determine the percentage of discount goods
Discount percent
Issuing a variety of reports of sales volume, percentage of purchase, customer account balance, invoice ...
Management reports
Connectivity to POS and Barcode Scanner, along with compliance with Taxation Standards
POS Shop
Determine pricing methods for goods in the form of LIFO, FIFO and ...
Pricing of goods
Alarm for Cheque and dept ...
Over date warning
Determine the rial value per person
Rial Credit Allocation

Support via ticketing at Parmis Club
online support
Provided dongle and the ability to upgrade to higher versions
Free advice by dialing 02187759000
Free Selling Advice
Send expert to provide 2 hours of initial training with free installation
Install in place
Free initial education for 2 hours and free weekly classes
Free training
One-Year Free Support by Phone, Remote, Send Expert ...
Phone support

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If your job was not listed below, please contact Parmis sales experts+982187759000

Parmis Plus Accounting Software, one of the products of Parmis Information Technology Co., is a designer and manufacturer of accounting software and financial software. Due to the need for a variety of guilds, stores, companies, units Manufacturing, Commerce, etc. Small and medium size has been created to make accounting the easiest way, and at the same time, using the most advanced features and capabilities for businesses.

In Parmis, based on the slogan "from small to large factories with Parmis financial software", we have provided a wide range of accounting software to the community, which provides accounting for the various strata of society simply and at a cost. Economic feasibility. Even novice businesses that have less capital to start their business can also begin their business accounting with the Parmis Plus accounting software version and enter the Parmis family so that in the future, Your accounting and financial software will meet your new business needs.

If you want to maximize the amount of your products during the day and save you time and your customers; the Pose system is the cheapest, fastest and most cost-effective tool for this ...POS Hardware

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