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We need to know where we spend our money...

We can be our own and our family accountant with Parmis. In addition to registering incomes and expenses, we can have balances of banks and funds.
We can define family members to find out what we paid for each person.
If we have cheques, Parmis will manage them completely.
With registering loans option, installments are no longer forgotten and, for better control, we can define the budget for costs and benefits for not being worry about additional costs and low revenues to be controlled and managed.
All features of the program are listed below, we did our best to give the best to the users who have shown the good views of the users that we succeeded in this.
Meanwhile, Parmis accompanies the iOS version and is proud to be the first international Iranian program supporting English and Arabic.

If you are an accountant and you want to start managing your and your family's account today; do not hesitate to install Parmis Personal Accounting software ...


The definition of types of accounts



Debtors and creditors

Banks and bank accounts

Funds and wallets

Assets and liabilities

Family members


Projects Managment

SMS Accounting (records management and banking)

Close the financial period

Calculate Profit and Loss

Maintenance and inventory management banks

Maintenance and inventory management funds

Record expenses and revenues

Registration of all downloads (cash and banks, debt settlement etc.)

Registration of all payments in cash and cheque(costs, debt, etc.)

Assigning each receipt and payments to family members Becky

Cheque information management (payables) with maturity

Pass or not to pass the cheque and with the ability to update bank accounts

Create a bank loan in two forms: simple and advanced

Management and installment loans

Earn points by using various methods, such as introducing others and using privileges to enable features of the program


Report billing and workflow thumbnail view each account

View the latest revenue and expenses transactions on a weekly and weekly basis

Report the total cost of each of the costs

Summary Report (Compare Accounts) in Reports

View fines of funds and banks and register direct transactions on the home page

Chart Comparison of Cost and Income on Home Page

View the latest revenue and expenses transactions on a weekly and weekly basis

Select the desired date for the main page reports

Reports on event, project, home members transactions

Report balance accounts with the ability to display and review the remainder of each account header to the end of the header...

A report of the performance and balances associated with each member of the family, such as the cost to each member, the earnings of each member of the family, and ...

Trial Balance Report

Presentation of the balance of expense and income accounts in graphical form

Presentation of income and expense graph

Ability to manage and send output files PDF and Excel (Bluetooth, Email, Dropbox and ...)

Support and Security

Support through tickets and for the first time in Iran

Automatic backup software on exit

Cloud Backup feature on Parmis secure servers

Restore database backups

Manage backup files and send them by Bluetooth, Dropbox, email, etc.


The ability to record activities (meeting, organizing, shopping, ...) and setting alerts for activities in the program

Ability to search bank branches around you in the app via Google Map

Ability to choose English, Persian and Arabic in the program

Ability to choose the unit Rials, Toman, Dollars, Dirham, Euros, Pounds and ...

The management dashboard is on the main page of the program

Voice Search

Ability to select calendars / calendar / lunar calendar

Design for Apple Watch

Search the Accounts list

Select theme

send software to friends

Set password for app

Change Font

Possibility to define event (travel, jigsaw, etc.) to report event related transactions

Possibility to set alert for activity in the program

Ability to enter the amount in decimal


A daily recall of transaction records

Ability to search and filter the list of transactions

Record the time (hour and minute) of the transaction

Recall the date of the expiration date

Add account while doing a transaction

View cached information and transactions via widget

Create shortcut for transactions to quickly record transactions

Video tutorials and the inclusion of common and current user questions in the program

And dozens more options...

Screen Shots


Parmis Mobile Accounting Software

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