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Parmis Accounting Software

Version: 10/2/50
Last Update: 1395/11/20
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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The pleasure of managing a business account with Parmis Free Accounting Software

Start your business accounting in the easiest way without spending a single Rial!

Are you looking for a free, reliable, free software with free support?

Are you currently not ready to purchase accounting software and spend on software?

  • If you want to calculate the cost and income, the profit and loss and the amount of sales in your business ...
  • If you want to be aware of the legal process and business accounting standards ...
  • If you want to hold your business account fully and appropriately with your knowledge and technology ...

Free Parmis Green Paper Free Software provides all of these for free.

Parmis Free Accounting Software is a gift to everyone who has a great business dream.

Parmis Information Technology Company with a history of more than 10 years in the field of designing and producing a variety of accounting and financial software and integrated enterprise software, which in this short period, recorded a significant and rapid growth in its records and It has been able to increase the number of family members of Parmys day by day and satisfying a large percentage of its users by providing decent services.

Parmis Free Accounting Software is one of Parmis's free products, which meets the basic requirements for business management and accounting, providing a great business and business growth and prosperity.

Why Free?

One of the main concerns of the newly established companies or start-up companies is the lack of capital to set up a strong and standard framework for managing accounts and books.

It should be noted that the source of successful organization and business growth and prosperity is the accurate and accurate management of the business.

Therefore, Parmis, while paying attention to the managerial needs of the various strata of the society and the precise needs of the statistical societies of the business, provide free accounting software to the general public of small and medium businesses, including stores, manufacturing companies, services, commerce and They have put together a variety of businesses to manage their business at no cost, and will in the future start a major shift in their field of work.

Why Parmis?

Owners of small and low-income businesses, due to their low financial strength or often not knowingly buying software, do not consider the software to be a commercially available product, they either use either broken lock software or cheaper The most popular software available in the market are non-standard and non-baccalaureate software, some of which are produced individually and do not include any support, and some of them even do not have the approval or authorization of any institution, and their lack of responsiveness. From the software, after a while, it causes not only the person to advance to his financial goals Fatie does not feel, but it's increasingly felt that he has spent his time and energy unduly, and ultimately returning to traditional and accounting accounting, or at best, without the slightest supervision of his financial and accounting operations, by accountants. Sparder, which will not be good at small businesses.

In Parmis, we have taken all of these factors into account so that by providing a variety of services, we can replace the inappropriate habit of buying and using proprietary software with the use of broken and unknown locking software. We want to win consumers' satisfaction and confidence so that we can reduce the disadvantages of low-cost and inferior software markets and restore the trust of our customers to this market.

How to buy software?

To download the Parmis Free Accounting Software, simply click on the Download Software button or download the software from the Parmys Download Manager software.

After downloading the software, you can choose between three versions of the Green Leaf Version, the Trial Version and the Student Edition.

  • Grean Leaf (Free Version) : Without time limitation | Limitted options
  • Trial Version : 30 Days limitation | Non limitted options
  • Student Version : Without time limitation | More limitted options

Activation Code

لطفاً نام خود را وارد نمایید
لطفاً تلفن همراه خود را جهت برقراری تماس وارد نمایید
9 Digit, Start with 13 لطفاً شناسه قفل خود را به درستی وارد نمایید. این شناسه 13 رقمی و با عدد 9 شروع می شود.
Refresh Invalid

What is a computer ID?

To get a computer id after running Parmis Plus accounting software, select the test version and click on the "Run version" button. Then you enter a page where there is an option called Computer ID that contains a thirteen digit code. Enter this code in the form above. (See video tutorials)


Is Parmis Free Accounting Software Limited?

Parmis software is different in terms of features, and the Parmis Free Edition has options for the base version of the store, and there is no time limit for using the software.

What is the reason for publishing the free version of Parmis Accounting Software?

Parmis has designed free software aimed at personal matters and the simplest types of businesses in the Iranian market so that owners of small and low-income businesses and other people can go into the world of IT without spending any money. Use your computer to manage your finances.

Can Parmis Green Edition be promoted to other versions of Parmis software after use?

Yes, you can upgrade your software at any time by purchasing higher versions and getting the activation lock, and all the information that you have in the green leaflet will be transferred to the new version.

What is the difference between the green leaf version and the base version of the store?

The Parmis green leaf version runs without hardware locks and only supports online and does not support phone support.

I am a home user. Is the free version of Parmis Accounting Software meets my needs for registering and paying for your daily expenses?

Yes, you can register your expenses using Parmis Free Accounting Software using the possibility to fund the fund or register the newspaper, and there is also no limit to the software in relation to the definition of the cost of the headings.

What questions can I ask if I have any questions about working with the Free Parmis Accounting Software?

If you have any questions, you can use the Online Support section, subscribe to the Parmis Customer Club or the Parmis Comments section on the educational materials or download page for the software.

Is the downloaded file installable on multiple systems? Is there a limit to installing and receiving activation code?

You can install Parmis Free Accounting Software on various systems using downloaded file, and there is no limit to the activation code, and by sending your SMS or computer ID in the form above, you can code Get the free version activation.


Buy and Sell

Returned from buy

Entry and exit from warehouse to warehouse

Advanced Search in invoices, receipt and transfer of funds

Simple Invoicing Order

Simple Invoicing Buy

Returned from sell


Financial statements, including income statement, cost and balance sheet

Journal entry

Define and change account groups, accounts and certain general

Control reports of all documents

According to the journal, general, specific and detailed

general ledger and certain balance

Product and Storage

Illegible goods

FIFO LIFO method stored goods to 5 Rials Price calculated mean and ...

Introduction of a warehouse

Total reported circulation of commodities

Assign a single and two groups for each product

A log of all goods information

Report fine flow of goods


The introduction of dedicated individuals and two groups to each person

Taking bills each person

Taking balance of the group of persons

Bank & Cheque

Sign banking operations

Introduction 5 banks

Introduction of a Fund

Check transfer checks to the bank

Fish collection bank checks

Accounts receivable and payable documents=

Register Return and Repatriation Cheque

Sign up and receive payment for each card reader and card to card, bank transfer

Unable to connect to PC POS Bank Pasargad

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