Parmis Plus accounting software, in accordance with tax laws, is the most practical accounting software for guilds, stores, manufacturing companies and commerce, in small and medium sizes.

Commercial Version

1-We have developed and design a simple and efficient commercial version in Parmis according to the number of stores in different degrees in the needs assessment and with their basic needs. As you'd expect, everything is available. If you have a typical store in the city, Parmis commercial version is what you need

2-If this is the version you have chosen for yourself, make sure to get some advise from Parmis expert, take a look at the features of commercial versions, you may have forgottensome of your needs.

Buy And Sell

buy Invoicing

sale Invoicing

returned from sell

returned from buy

entry to and exit from storage

proforma for purchase

proforma for sell

transfer factors between warehouses

advanced search on invoices, receipt and transfer of funds

Issuing an invoice from the warehouse to distinguish goods

Sign up balance factors

Registration of carrying information in the invoice

Cash and marketer settlement of the invoice

apply the discount percentage for each item on the invoice

grouping factors based on refined, unrefined and ....

registration settlement date for invoices

set up alerts settlement date due invoices

Copy and paste the items one factor on another factor

select commodity code for each rows in factor

Products and Storage

report all cheque info

Report fine circulation of commodities

Total reported circulation of commodities

Circulation list of entry and exit of products

Warehouse goods to 5 Rials price calculation method, FIFO, LIFO, average and ....

The introduction of primary and secondary units for each product

Assign names to each commodity group limited

Separate inventory report

Determine the minimum and maximum sales price for each product

set order limit for each product

Introduction of new products using the model of other goods

Earnings per invoice allows you to view and manage invoices profit

The introduction of product code and create reports based on the flow of goods with profit shipments Code

Practically unlimited entries and list prices for each product and apply the discount list

The introduction of unlimited storage


define unlimited amount of users

special control of users

Assign privileges to users

Impose restrictions on the narrative or change


Control report of all documents

Report of newspaper offices, whole, specific and detailed

General ledger, and modal balance

Financial statements including profit and loss, cost and balance sheet

Journal entry

issuance, view and modify document manually

Define and change account groups, accounts and general ledger

Report automatic documents

Control sort and merge documents

Introducing Detailed

Certain connections with Floating detail

Bank and Check

Registration of banking operations

Introduction unlimited cash and bank

bank check assignment

Receipt of proceeds Check bank

Receivables and payable reports

Registration, Back and Return of Check

Introduction personal checks

Daily alerts notes receivable, payable and receivable flows

Calculates automatically or manually the vertex of check

Automatic receiving current payable and receivable

Printing and initialed cheque

cheque record for the number of accounts

Sign up and receive a separation payment card, bank transfer and card to card

Can be connected to PC POS Bank Pasargad


Introduction unlimited groups and assign to any third parties

Taking each individual bills

Taking account balances from individuals, groups

Allocate credits for each person

prohibited persons

Allocation of a percentage discount for each person to distinguish goods

The introduction of commission for any marketer marketer and assign formula

customer report According to customer management including customer the best in shopping and ...


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Ability to connect to Bank's PC Pos(Ver 11)

Other versions of Parmis Plus accounting software

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