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Parmis Accounting SoftwareParmis accounting software was founeded in 2002 and then start a real business and competition in 2005 with the goal of offering software services and specially accounting software product.

Today Parmis IT is a famous and grown up software and Parmis IT Co is try to make their products better and make them optimized for all kind of business and users. Our products are Accounting software for Shops, Commercial, Corporate and Manufacturing and also Parmis short message system module (SMS).
In addition to the related peripheral products such as antivirus, internet service, web design and more customers are offered for satisfaction.
Parmis IT with efforts like these could attract satisfaction of significant percentage of customers

Parmis Information Technology Co., Ltd. is always trying to exploit the creative, young and valuable forces, using the latest software and hardware days, and based on the demands of the present and future customers, to develop software and services. Require market and customers.
The presence of thousands of satisfied customers as well as the numerous honors gained in various areas of the seal confirms the correctness of the route and promises a clear future.

The center is the point of param points of communication using the most advanced software and hardware and using E1 lines. Designed smart phone system, customers are advised to get the unit and the relevant service to give you time by minimizing the waiting time!

We are ready to provide any advice on Parmes products and services with the help of dedicated and expert experts. We have provided the opportunity to use free and experimental versions of the software for our customers' well-being and helping to make informed choices. In addition, customers can have free training and check-ups at their company or Parmis Company before purchasing for 2 hours and then purchase if they wish.

The center, with its consultants and experts in the field of accounting and computer, provides its customers with a wide range of support services, including telephone, face to face and internet support. Parmes support follows three key slogans: speed, accuracy, and timely training.

Providing and supplying the necessary hardware, implementing and implementing computer networks, advisory and executive services in the field of information security of the center's services. In order to keep the security of our customers, we have been communicating with the world's top anti-virus firm BitDefender in 2012 and is now proud to be one of the few Iranian software in the BitDefender virus lab as a sound and legal software. And we can protect our financial information from malware.

Based on customer training needs, the center offers a wide range of software training courses, accounting and computer training. Also, periodic and annual conferences will be held titled "Closing Accounts, Opening an Account, Conferences on Tax Provision ...".

To collaborate with schools, and to make students easier and easier to learn, the student-centered version of the school is designed to be offered at schools at a very low price, in order to make application software training more practical.

Using today's technologies, utilizing the expertise of committed professionals, analyzing the market and accurately measuring customers, creating dynamic structures, respecting consumer rights, and a new look at the long-standing issues, now Parmis is after a decade of successful performance in the category of pioneers in the field of software products , Accounting and finance of Iran.

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